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Introducing Coaching with Karen _YES I CAN 4323

Summary 4323

Karen can be reach at:

Please subscribe to our youtube page to receive notices on all new podcasts as well helping us grow our audience. If you would like to be a podcast host or guest or would like to sign up for Coaching – please contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.comIntro music provided by Jeff Brisbin – – take a moment and listen to the full version of “I Wish You Enough” – from & YES I CAN” We too wish you ENOUGH! Let me Coach you through the process. This has been a very busy week for me as I have chosen to come out and tell everyone I am adding COACH to my name. I am excited that I have chosen to be honest with myself and begin Coaching others who have struggled as I have. I have been able to look back at all the obstacles I blamed for me feeling stagnant and change my path. My father and mother taught me that you cannot say, “I Can’t” until you have tried. However, trying was not enough, I was taught to examine what may not have worked and create a plan that would work, even if you have to do it many times… Age is not an issue so please do not say it’s too late…It’s time to do what pleases you. What gives you Purpose?

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